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Tanda cinta kepada nabi SAW ialah mencintai sunnahnya. Ketika makan Umar RA bertanya kepada anaknya Hafsah RA. Apakah perbezaan aku dgn Rasullah SAW. Hafsah RA berkata "Tidak ada kecuali Rasullullah hanya makan satu lauk dan kamu makan dua lauk" Umar RA berkata "mulai hari ini Umar hanya akan makan satu lauk sahaja. Untuk kita faham bagaiman hendak mencintai Nabi SAW kita kene faham bagaimana Sahabat mencintai Nabi SAW.

farhana islamic:
Menyinsingnya Fajar Islam

" wahai manusia! Allah telah memerintahkan kepadamu supaya menyembahnya dan janganlah kamu menyekutukannya dengan sesuatu apa pun."
Demikian Nabi Muhammad s.a.w menyampaikan dakwah islam kepada penduduk mekah. Di tengah-tengah kekalutan ancaman Quraisy, Nabi Muhammad s.a.w dapat membawa beberapa orang memeluk islam. di tengah-tengah kegelapan jahiliah ini, muncul cahaya islam dan dinikmati
oleh sebilangan org yang sihat mata hatinya @ orang2 yang tidak buta hatinya. Fajar islam telah mula menyingsing.
Makin hari sinarnya makin bertambah naik menerangkan kehidupan insani. Dalam perjuangan yang penuh cabaran itu, Nabi Muhammad s.a.w
mengisi kehidupanya sbg Rasulullahdan meninggalkan contoh teladan bagi umat-umat kemudian.

Our Master (saw)     

1. O, beautiful man.

2. Whom the inanimate salute,

3. For whom clouds commute.

4. The blind man saw your intercession,

5. Busari walked through your oft mention.

6. When the wolf sat and argued your case.

7. The tree you summoned, walked in haste.

8. O beloved, wearer of two great stones.

9. Comforter of the date palm's moans.

10. Verily, the full moon was rent, split.

11. Fresh water flowed from your finger tip.

12. Companion of the lady who cursed,

13. Silently aiding her, without uttering a verse.

14. Never once, angry for your own self.

15. Never ate your full, always in good health.

16. Instructor of the balanced golden mean.

17. Unveiled to your eyes, parts of the unseen.

18. O, ascender of the seven lofty tiers.

19. Iman of all prophets, sent over the years.

20. More bashful than a young, innocent girl.

21. With the might of forty men from this world.

22. A bedouin bewildered, when his lizard spoke.

23. Testified to your prophethood in a single stroke.

24. Unwilling to lift your handsome head,

25. 'Blessed Intercessor', until your Lord said.

26. O man of humility, a soft voice with flow,

27. Victor of Mecca, with a head hung low.

28. The smiler, who's face lit up all others,

29. Transforming enemies into abid lovers.

30. The first to be created, last to be sent.

31. For whom trees prostrated, branches bent.

32. God's loved one, forgiven future and past.

33. Mondays and Thursdays, were your fast.

34. Feet swollen, by the love of your Lord.

35. Armies fallen, by the blood of your sword.

37. The lover, the fighter, the letter sender.

38. A good husband, the own clothes mender.

39. Face and feet soaked in blood, beard wet.

40. The people of Taif, only your mercy, met.

41. How the spider protected, along with the dove.

42. Kept you safe, with a second whom you love.

43. The one who's chest was opened and cleaned,

44. All traces of dust, gathered and gleaned.

45. O Messenger, the very best of all creation.

46. Mercy to all that exists, causer of elation.

47. A yes man, never once heard utter 'no'.

48. From his teeth shone light, radiant in glow.

49. You gave solace to the owner of the dead pet,

50. A young miserable boy, by sadness beset.

51. Embraced by the powerful Arch Angel Jibreel.

52. Not an hallucination, but physical and real.

53. Monk Bahira discerned your hallmark.

54. With your birth of light, castles became stark.

55. A sick woman, who daily soiled your brow.

56. Visited her home, only clemency to show.

57. O Prophet of love, hated only for Him.

58. Forgiver of wrongs, over looker of sin.

59. You freely gave, to the nomad who yanked.

60. Got what he sought, and never even thanked.

61. Offered gold, women, status and acclaim,

62. To abandon a truth, so manifest, so plain.

63. The sun in your right, the moon in your left,

64. A bearer of truth to his very last breath.

65. Indeed, always the final one to let go,

67. The clasped hands, of whom he loved so.

68. Taller in height, than those taller than he.

69. The first to behave, as he told others to be.

70. O intercessor, if you were hard-hearted,

71. All of the companions would have departed.

72. Wrapped up one, how you arose and warned.

73. Then look, how the whole world warmed.

74. An orphan child, once, then twice.

75. Wandering lost, then orphaned thrice.

76. Led by the hand of your Master.

78. Safe from hunger, fear and disaster.

79. Rightly deserved, upon a station praised.

80. Next to your King's throne, exalted and raised.

81. Owner of the heavenly, divine fountain.

82. Solitary climber of the Light mountain.

83. Prayer was the coolness of your eyes.

84. Prostrating before God, up to your demise.

85. O one, who returns greetings of peace,

86. Body intact, musk scented, yet deceased.

87. Deliverer of the majestic book.

88. A walking, talking majestic book.

89. O, oft praised one, generous man.

90. A thousand men ate from your hand.

91. You could not read, nor write, unlettered.

92. Yet, broke chains of ignorance, unfettered. 

93. The slowest to anger, the easiest to please.

94. From two roads, chose the road of ease.

95. Sent only to make our character good.

96. Helped the needy in what way he could.

97. O, possessor of the divine garden's key.

98. The first to enter it's gates and see.

99. The Prophet whose nation is the largest,

100. Who's empire spread the farthest.

101. O, soul, upon whom God sends peace.

102. As do angels, humans, stones and trees.

103. A face like a shinning, bright, full moon,

104. Eager to meet it's blessed nation, soon.

105. O, Leader of the faithful, slave of the King.

106. The foremost in remembering Him.

107. My Lord please forgive me, every day.

108. One hundred times you would say.

109. O, honest trader, seller of wares.

110. A tear drenched beard, how he cares.

111. Fallen black stone replaced with wisdom.

112. Unity and brotherhood, he gives them.

113. The man who never told a lie.

114. Laughed little, but would oft cry.

115. O, trustworthy, reliable guide.

116. Taught us to perfect what lies inside.

117. Mount Uhd trembled beneath you,

118. With a true man and two martyrs too.

119. And you conversed with the new born.

120. The only man, by whom, God had sworn.

121. Indeed, you brought the dead to life.

122. Gave the orphans their due right.

123. O, feeder of the needy and the poor.

124. Upon a straw mat, slept on the floor.

125. How you loved the night's last third,

126. In prayer your heartfelt sobbing was heard.

127. O, Master of both these worlds.

128. Speaker of pith, wise, eternal pearls.

129. Courageous lion of badr, leading few,

130. It was God who threw, through you.

131. O, urgent walker, as if descending.

132. Beautiful in speech, never lewd or offending.

133. Orator of the very, final sermon speech.

134. Men are equal, were the words you preached.

135. O, brave uniter of fighting tribes.

136. Turning your face away from all gibes.

137. Modestly lowering your tender gaze,

138. Often hungry, sometimes for days.

139. O, migrator to the city of Medina.

140. A weeping Negus, for the truth, keener.

141. The final messenger, seal of all the prophets.

142. Ender of revelation, posted in high office.

143. Your spittle was full of healing powers.

144. Upon the ill, your blessings rained showers.

145. You never refused those who implored,

146. A small or large plea, never once ignored.

147. O, paragon of excellence, exemplar.

148. Mouth moist with prayer, the God mentioner.

149. Spoken of in the prior divine pages,

150. Foretold, prophesied, over the ages.

151. The assassin stood above, held his sword,

152. Who would protect you now? your gracious Lord.

153. Your delicate hand, upon Fadala's chest.

154. From a hateful heart, to a loving breast.

156. Invisible to your malignant foes.

157. Of all mankind it was you He chose.

158. Halima and her aged she-camel, full of milk,

159. To suckle a young boy, of prophetic ilk.

160. His eyes slept, while his heart was awake.

161. Reciting, remembering, for God's sake.

162. O, one who turned with his whole frame.

163. Facing those who spoke his blessed name.

164. Indeed, our blessings reach him from afar.

165. Even if sent, from the distance of stars.

175. O, father of Qasim, how you were tried.

176. As all of your loved ones, slowly died.

177. You relented, to the man who desecrated,

178. Soiled your masjid, which you consecrated.

179. The angel of death asked your permission,

180. To remove your pure soul, ending your mission.

181. O, one offered immortality in this life,

182. But preferred proximity, by your Lord's side.

183. Sent as a child to the distance desert sands,

184. To perfect your tongue, at nomadic hands.

185. How you spoke good, or remained silent.

186. Made peace with those who offered violence.

187. Perched birds, upon your companion's heads.

188. Every time you opened your mouth and said.

189. Wounded, bleeding backs were in your defence.

190. Decoy in your bed, as Quraysh made their offence.

191. A beaten friend wakes to ask your state,

192. Though your enemies had destroyed his face.

193. Unperfected faith until you are loved more,

194. Than our wealth, health, the family we adore.

195. Bared your chest, to redress a wrong right.

196. The plaintiff leaned in, kissed and hugged tight.

197. O, blessed soul, for whom this world was made.

198. Of exalted character, interceding on judgment day.

199. We are not your companions, like the others.

200. We yearn to meet you, for we are your brothers.


mukadimah puisi Al-Amin oleh A.Samad Said

syahdu awal kata, suci awal hasrat, khidmat awal hajat
mentari teman pagi terbit, sasau inti diri yang mencari
rindu benih cinta, sayu sisa resah, lidah batin suara
dari purbakala gedung khazanah bertanya jiwa
hingga ke inti dicari, sampai ke akar di gali, antara hilang
dan sua, bermimpi atau berjaga, resah sejarah manusia

Di atas IzinNya dan RahmatNya..Alhamdulillah syukur dengan segala nikmat kurniaannya...

Apakah landasan, panduan serta pedoman buat kita jadikan satu garisan ( benang merah ),  begitu yakin dalam mencari, mempelajari ilmu, yang tidak di nafikan ada berbagai jenis ilmu yang di ajarkan  mampu membawa dalam kesesatan dan tidak berada di atas kebenaran...

Maka itu Junjungan Besar Baginda Mulia Nabi Muhammad RasulAllah saw telah bersabda  “ Ku tinggalkan untuk kamu dua perkara ( pusaka ), tidaklah kamu akan tersesat selama-lamanya, selama kamu masih berpegang kepada keduanya, iaitu Kitabullah ( Al Quran ) dan Sunah RasulNya. “ ( HR: Muslim ).


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